ECOLAKES Little Kid’s Fashion Contest 2013




" ECOLAKES  Little Kid’s Fashion Contest 2013 "


For children from 5-10 years of age and organised by SetiaBecamex JSC.



With a desire to create a useful, interesting playground, and where parents can share your passion with the little angel, EcoLakes Little Kid’s Fashion Contest will bring to each family fun and memorable moments.

ECOLAKES Little Kid’s Fashion Contest 2013 will be held on 03.08.2013 with valuable prize up to VND 30,000,000. Not only many gifts and prizes are valuable, candidates also can participate in offline activities where parents can share the parenting skills, to build a useful and potential playground for children and families.



Registration: Follow the simple steps

- Step 1: Candidate download the Registration Form at or get the Form at EcoLakes’s office, fill up the form and send to us via:, and 02 photos of candidate.

- Step 2: The organization department will announce date, time, venue of the Gala Dinner to parents . And awards will be announced  on the Gala Dinner.



Participate to ECOLAKES Little Kid’s Fashion Contest 2013 to get chance to receive a prize up to VND 30 million by cash.

-          First Prize: VND 10,000,000

-          Second Prize: VND 8,000,000

-          Third Prize: VND 6,000,000

-          05 Consolation Prizes: VND 1,000,000/ prize


Note: The Consolation prize is evaluated base on the following factors:

1 / Friendly Face

2 / Good Performance

3 / Impressive Costumes

4 / Good answer (oral examination)

5 / Photogenic


In addition, candidates get meaningful souvenirs from the organization department.



1. Candidate:

-          Candidate must be from 5 to 10 years old, regardless of nationality, gender.

-          Do not be managed exclusively by the company, organizations related to the field of management models, singers, actors ... inside and outside the country by the time of the contest.

-          Not winning any titles in any fashion contests.

-          To participate, candidates must have the consent of parents or legally guardians.


2. Time:

Registration period from May 1st, 2013 to July 19th,2013. Registration Form is available on the website:

Casting: Candidates must join the Casting at EcoLakes on July 27th, 2013.

50 candidates who are selected from Casting round will compete on Gala Dinner at EcoLakes. Final Round is scheduled to be held on: August 3rd, 2013.


3. Rules:

Each candidate has 2 minutes to perform on stage.

Candidate wear costumes following “EcoLakes Summer” theme. Each candidate prepare 2 costumes for 2 rounds of performance.


4. Evaluation criteria:

Candidate’s Profile:

-          Photo contest: JPEG files (. Jpg) shall not exceed 5 MB / photo.

-          Submit 2 photos: 01 portraits and 01 full body shot (Note: Photos must be taken at EcoLakes).

Fill the information of  parents or legally guardian and candidate in Registration Form.

Valid file: A file is considered valid when they simultaneously satisfy the following criteria:

-          Belong to candidate.

-          Compliance the regulations of contest, submission and time of submission.

-          Photos entries must be conformed to the habits and customs of the people, there is no element of violence, obscene, pornographic, ensure full compliance with the current laws on media, communication, culture, art, photography ....

-          Do not post candidate‘s photos with sensitive parts or associated with unhealthy images.

-          Other criterias are set by organization department according to compliance with laws and regulations in accordance with generated actual conditions.

-          Members and families of organization department are not allowed to participate in the contest.




To facilitate the candidates to take photo at EcoLakes, SetiaBecamex JSC supports shuttle bus from 37 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City to EcoLakes on every Saturday morning. Contact us at: 0907572255 or 0650 3577 255 for registration assistance.


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