Real estate continues to be the smart investment

Thanh Niên  16/04/2011


EcoLakes My Phuoc leads the way with INVEST: EcoLakes 30/70 Homes Plan

Interest rates in Vietnam are hovering between 18% and 21% per annum, which is deterring many people from investing in the economy. However, savvy investors continue to be on the look out for smart long-term investment opportunities. In Binh Duong, they have zeroed in on selected real estate investments, foremost among these, EcoLakes My Phuoc.

What has proven to be the tipping point in EcoLakes favour is INVEST: EcoLakes 30/70 Homes Plan, an innovative home ownership/investment package that will allow both homebuyers and investors to purchase a suitable property in EcoLakes easily and with significant savings.

Under this simple but effective home ownership or property investment plan, buyers only pay 30% of the purchase price in installments for the EcoLakes property and get a loan for the remaining 70%. As an added benefit, they are charged interest during construction so they pay nothing more until the property is completed and handed over.

Mr Leong Swee Chow, General Director of SetiaBecamex JSC, developer of EcoLakes, said, “Real estate, especially quality residential properties, would answer the tough problem of inflation and best ensure the returns on investments.”

INVEST: EcoLakes 30/70 Homes Plan enables investors to minimize their investment while still enabling them to take advantage of the benefits of real estate investment. At present, three types of house are available – row house, semi-detached and villa, which are priced from VND1.3bn only. 

Mr Leong said in elaboration, “If a person has some VND400m in hand and a stable monthly income, purchasing a row house in the Garden of Splendor which is offered at VND1.3bn, would definitely be the best choice – and very affordable under the 30/70 Plan.”

   Actual Photo Taken at Garden of Splendor, EcoLakes

High Standard of Living

EcoLakes, a 226 ha eco sanctuary in the heart of the MPIP, just 40km north of Ho Chi Minh City, is being developed by SetiaBecamex JSC, a joint venture between Becamex IDC, a leading industrial and infrastructure developer in Vietnam, and international award-winning developer S P Setia Berhad from Malaysia.

This township has succeeded in setting revolutionary new benchmarks in the property development industry. From the total development philosophy of LiveLearnWorkPlay to mandating sustainability, every aspect of EcoLakes is targeted at providing the market with high value in terms of both quality of life and investment.

In 2010, EcoLakes My Phuoc was honoured with two international prestigious awards for its efforts in transforming lifestyles in Vietnam: the Best Development in Vietnam (5-star grade) of the Asia-Pacific Property Award and FIABCI Prix d’Excellence for the Best Masterplan.

Even more significant is the recognition from the Binh Duong community. Mr Nguyen Hoang Son, the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Binh Duong Province, said “Since its launch, EcoLakes My Phuoc has consistently broken new ground. From its visionary eco sanctuary concept and LiveLearnWorkPlay development philosophy to building Vietnam’s first show village, the project has been exemplary in its courage to introduce new ideas and innovations to the market and to effectively contribute to the province’s socio-economic development.”

Rest assured this commitment to customers and the community is for the long term, as SetiaBecamex continues to expore new ways to add value to EcoLakes.

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